Thursday, November 6, 2008

Nate McClouth wins the Gold Glove

My beloved, if hapless Pirates need some good news and they got it yesterday as center fielder Nate McClouth wins the Pirates first Gold Glove since 1993. For you soccer fans out there, the Gold Glove is awarded for defensive excellence and there is only one awarded for each position in each league.

A year ago, the Pirates considered Nate McLouth and Nyjer Morgan the competition for their regular center-field job.

At the same time, the Pirates weren't sure McLouth would hit enough to be their regular left or right fielder if Morgan won the center-field spot in spring training.

And, truth be told, all along the Pirates considered McLouth a fourth outfielder at best.

A year later?

Nate McLouth is a Gold Glove center fielder.

"This kind of came out of nowhere," McLouth said.

As did McLouth.

Recently turned 27 years old, McLouth was the Pirates' 25th-round draft pick in 2000. Perhaps undersized at 5 feet 11, 180 pounds, he nevertheless worked his way steadily through the minor league system but always seemed in the shadow of Chris Duffy.

And now, McLouth is the first Pirates center fielder to win a Gold Glove since Andy Van Slyke in 1992.

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