Sunday, October 30, 2016

Church Planting and Mission Enterprise Zones grants awarded

From ENS-

At the October meeting, the Episcopal Church Executive Council approved grants totaling $1,797,000 for church planting and Mission Enterprise Zones.

Resolution D005 and Resolution A012, approved by General Convention in July 2015, authorized new and continued funding for church plants and Mission Enterprise Zones throughout the Episcopal Church. Newly created grants have been and will be awarded to dioceses and already-established ministries exploring possibilities for new initiatives or expansion. The funding also calls for the creation of a community of practice for equipping the church with resources for assessment, coaching, networking, and the sharing of best practices.

Executive Council member the Rev. Susan Brown Snook of the Diocese of Arizona and chair of Local Ministry and Mission Committee said that the work of church planting “is some of the most exciting work we see happening in our church today in the mission priority area of evangelism. Just a few years ago, we saw very few new church initiatives in the Episcopal Church. Now, we see an inspiring variety of new ideas, energy, and enthusiasm for reaching new people with the good news of Christ through new and creative initiatives to plant new congregations, in both traditional and non-traditional ways.”

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