Friday, November 4, 2016

Why The Growing Church Is A Messy Church

From Christian Today-

The Messy Church movement has celebrated its 3500th church registration today in a milestone for the organisation.

Messy Church is designed as a way for families who would normally not attend church to come together and explore Christianity. It is part of the Bible Reading Fellowship (BRF), an Anglican initiative formed in 1922, aimed at transforming lives and communities through the Christian faith.

Founder Lucy Moore said: "We're delighted with this milestone in the development of Messy Church around the world. The more Messy Churches there are, the more families there are getting to enjoy the good news of Jesus."

Messy Church was first created by a team at St Wilfrid's Church, Portsmouth in 2004. It took the form of more informal, alternative meetings which combined arts and crafts, worship and sharing a meal, woven together with a biblical theme.

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