Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Amy Grant’s new Christmas album reignites the old ‘What’s Christian enough?’ question

From The Washington Post-

I moved to Nashville in 1989 to begin my career in Christian music. I was immediately struck by the depth of thought and the vast number of immensely talented artists and writers I had never heard on Christian radio. I soon came to understand the word “gatekeepers” — those in Christian radio and retail who decide what to play, promote and sell.

There is an odd question and reality in the Christian music business: What is a “Christian enough” song or project recorded by someone who is “Christian enough” that deems it worthy of exposure and commercial viability via Christian radio and Christian retail?

Rich Mullins was one of the first artists who wowed me with the depth of his artistic soul and his ability to paint a word picture that pierced my heart. Yet I remember sitting in marketing meetings hearing discussions that some of his songs were too focused on the human condition and not focused enough on Jesus as the answer.
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