Saturday, November 5, 2016

Jackson preacher arrested after leaving vulgar voicemail for judge

From Mississippi- (with video)

Rev. Seth Walley of St. James Episcopal Church in Jackson was angry at Judge Jeff Weill over a case with public defenders and left several voicemails filled with foul language on the judge’s phone.

Below are some direct quotes taken from the calls sent by the Jackson Jambalaya who obtained the voicemails and police report.

"Hey Judge Weill this is a Christian minister. I just want to ask you how it feels to be a total (expletive)."

"Sir, let me tell you, first of all you are out of your Christian principles and second of all you need to abdicate the bench because judge, well, let me tell you that you are far beyond any sense of Christian justice. Sir step down because the rest of us are tired of you on the goddamn bench.”

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