Friday, November 4, 2016

First female elected as bishop for Anglican diocese of Algoma

From Canada-

Members of the Anglican Diocese of Algoma have for the first time elected a female as their new bishop.

“Yes, the new bishop, Anne Germond, is the first female bishop selected for this diocese,” stated Reverend Aidan Armstrong, incumbent of the Manitoulin Island parishes. Bishop Germond, “will officially become the Bishop for the Anglican Diocese of Algoma as of next February with consecration to take place in Sault Ste. Marie.

Rev. Armstrong explained, “she is presently with the Church of the Ascension in Sudbury and right now is the Arch Deacon of the Sudbury-Manitoulin Diocese, which is how the people of Manitoulin Island know of her.”

“I love all the churches and the people I’ve met on Manitoulin Island,” Rev. Germond told the Recorder on Tuesday. “Presently I am the Archdeacon so I have some responsibility for the church and people of our church on Manitoulin Island.”

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