Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Bishops urge Pope to visit to war-torn South Sudan to foster peace

From Relief Web-

Church leaders from South Sudan are urging Pope Francis to visit their troubled country in support of their efforts to bring peace between warring factions.

At a meeting with the Pope in Rome, Catholic, Anglican and Presbyterian leaders gave him an update on the deteriorating situation across South Sudan. The Catholic Archbishop of Juba, Paulino Lukudu Loro, told him: "There is war, there are killings, there's death, there are refugees, and there are people in camps across the country.” Pope Francis was “ready to visit”, said Archbishop Loro. 

If His Holiness and other Christian leaders came to the world’s youngest nation, it would raise awareness of the critical humanitarian and security situation. “The Holy Father can help us talk to the international community, to the regional community, and to our government.” Francis Flood, CAFOD and Trocaire’s Country Representative in South Sudan, said Pope Francis would receive a “warm welcome”, adding: “We are working tirelessly with our local Church partners to get emergency aid to communities affected by the conflict, under very challenging conditions.

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