Sunday, October 30, 2016

The Christian right is split, but far from finished

From The Pittsburgh Poat-Gazette-

Continued strong support for Donald Trump among many conservative evangelical leaders and activists has led a number of commentators to declare the death of the religious right movement. Yet the history of the movement suggests that it is too resilient to be destroyed by a single electoral defeat.

The argument for the end of the religious right hinges on the following: (1) the likely defeat of the candidate supported by the movement, Donald Trump; (2) the likely election of the person considered the arch-enemy of the movement, Hillary Clinton; and (3) most important, the movement stands exposed to all as hypocritical — willing to support for president a deeply flawed character who appears to be everything the religious right claims to be against.

On the surface, these conclusions seem credible. The movement put its heft behind the likely loser, and with massive GOP defections from the party’s presidential nominee, the religious conservatives now look to be odd outliers in their steadfast continued support of Mr. Trump.

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