Saturday, September 3, 2016

CofE bishop reveals he is in gay relationship

From The BBC-

The bishop of Grantham has become the first Church of England bishop to say that he is gay and in a relationship.

Bishop Nicholas Chamberlain, a suffragan in Lincoln diocese, was consecrated last year by Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby - who has said he knew about the bishop's sexuality.
He was in a "long-term and committed" relationship, Archbishop Welby said.

Bishop Chamberlain says he obeys Church guidelines which say gay clergy must remain celibate.
The archbishop also said: "His appointment as Bishop of Grantham was made on the basis of his skills and calling to serve the Church in the Diocese of Lincoln.

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Former WV priest named in school’s report of sexual abuse

From West Virginia-

A former Episcopal priest from West Virginia was among those named in a report this week that described how an elite New England boarding school became a kind of “private hell” for dozens of students who were sexually abused in the 1970s and 1980s.

The students at St. George’s in Middletown, Rhode Island, were manipulated and abused by faculty and staff, according to a report issued Thursday by an independent investigator, Boston lawyer Martin Murphy. He was hired by the school and the survivors’ group SGS for Healing.

The most prolific offender was athletic trainer Al Gibbs, who abused at least 31 girls, the report said. Gibbs was fired in 1980 after being caught taking photographs of a naked girl in his office, but the report found that he was paid a $1,200 annual grant for “distinguished service” that continued until he died in 1996. The school acknowledged in December that he abused 17 students.

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Friday, September 2, 2016

Report on St. George’s finds cauldron of sexual exploitation

From Rhode Island-

After a months-long investigation of sexual abuse at St. George’s School, a report released Thursday described the elite Rhode Island prep school in the 1970s and ’80s as a cauldron of sexual exploitation of students.

Sixty-one alumni gave investigators first-hand accounts of the abuse they say they suffered, with 51 saying the abusers were faculty or staff and an additional 10 reporting abuse by classmates. Two staff members abused at least one student every year they worked at St. George’s.

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Christian groups have renewed focus on fighting racism

From Sharon PA-

Christian groups have recently been putting more time and resources into addressing racism, with the issue at the forefront because of police shootings of black men and the Black Lives Matter movement.

One of the largest U.S. evangelical college ministries, Intervarsity Christian Fellowship, took up Black Lives Matter at its most recent student missions conference.

Two overwhelmingly white religious groups – the Episcopal Church and the Presbyterian Church, (U.S.A.), which is the nation’s largest Presbyterian denomination – have for the first time elected black clergy as their top church officers.

The New Baptist Covenant, an initiative by President Jimmy Carter to unite Baptists, has sharpened its programming focus on building partnerships between black and white churches.

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Thursday, September 1, 2016

'Constantly consumed by horror': Archbishop of Canterbury's candid comments on homosexuality

From Salt Lake-

Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby delivered some candid comments about the Anglican Communion's intense internal disagreements over same-sex marriage during a session at the Greenbelt Christian festival in the U.K. over the weekend.

Among a number of notable comments about the ongoing cultural battle over gay nuptials, Welby reportedly said he's "constantly consumed with horror" due to the way The Church of England has treated gays and lesbians.

Welby also weighed in on the same-sex marriage controversy after he was asked by an audience member who is reportedly seeking a civil partnership if the church will ever bless gay unions.

Speaking frankly, the faith leader said he doesn't "have a good answer" to the question, Christian Today reported.

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