Friday, April 17, 2009

Artist hangs upside down on bicycle on tightrope 3,000ft above Norwegian fjord

Just because I thought it was cool (that's why)

Eskil Ronningsbakken has just a weight dangling below him to aid his stability at a height of 1,000 metres (3,280ft).

Describing himself as an 'educated balancing performer', the 29-year-old has been practising stunts since the age of five, which have taken him through circus troupes and round the world.

The Norwegian is currently working with a group of 50 like-minded performers in Nairobi in Kenya but insists the acts he performs are not stunts.

"A stunt is something you see in movies, often done with mattresses safety lines or nets," he said.
"What I do, is draw a picture with vulnerable human beings and their bodies, in the surrounding of mother earth. That's the balance between life and death, and that is where life is."
In March of 2007, he managed to balance on a single ice cube that measured 60cm by 35cm, supported on each end only by two ropes and suspended almost 1000ft above a glacier in Dovrefjell National Park, Norway.

In the same year in Norway, he positioned himself upside down and did a handstand on a trapeze bar placed under a hot air balloon.

"I have performed professionally for almost 14 years now, so it's hard to compare one piece to another," he said.

"Biking upside down on a wire 1000 m above the Norwegian Fjords in fresh biting wind still stays as one of the most exciting moments of life."

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