Friday, April 17, 2009

Good Stuff In TEC: Iowa

From Estherville Iowa. (Got to love the hats)

Mears, Shively committed to mission in Swaziland


Just turn on the faucet and let it run until it's cold then fill up your glass. There's plenty of it, so you don't need to worry about wasting it.

In the U.S. anyway.

In Swaziland, though, it's far different.

Landlocked between South Africa and Mozambique not far from the southeast African coast, Swaziland is a land of stark contrasts where the ruling monarch lives in profligate elegance while 80-90 percent of the populace lives on $1 or less a day. Like many African countries, Swaziland has a severe shortage of potable water.

Mike Mears of Spirit Lake and Terry Shively of Spencer, members of St. Alban's Episcopal Church in Spirit Lake, traveled to Swaziland as part of a mission sponsored by Safe Water International Ministries under the auspices of the Episcopal Church of America, in Swaziland known as the Anglican Church. Joining them were the archbishop of the Episcopal Church of Iowa and 14 other missionaries. It was the second trip for Shively who had gone to Swaziland in 2006.

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