Monday, April 13, 2009

Obama plans include Easter Sunday trip to church

From the Boston Globe-

President Barack Obama and his family are looking for a new church, but his decision represents more than merely settling on a pew. The Obamas planned to attend Easter services Sunday, marking the president's first visit to a Washington church since taking office in January. Aides have been secretive about which church the first family will attend, citing security and the desire not to disrupt services for other worshippers.

They also caution that the church Obama visits might not signal that the president has decided on a permanent place of worship.
Obama's choice of a permanent pastor is sure to draw scrutiny, given his history with a pastor in Chicago whose bombastic sermons almost destroyed Obama's presidential bid. "On one level, I think he's just getting acclimated to DC. He's still feeling things out. Easter is a very important day in the Christian calendar; he's a Christian," said J. Kameron Carter, who teaches theology and black church studies at Duke University. "But you are the president. Whatever decision he makes is going to be analyzed with a fine-tooth comb against the backdrop of the Rev. Wright."


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