Saturday, April 18, 2009

Miracles Do Occur For Beech Island Church (South Carolina)

It was built in 1831 but the historic All Saints Episcopal Church in Beech Island looked like it would come crumbling down during last Friday’s tornado.

“I just stood and looked at the devastation and thought what has happened to this poor old church,” said the Reverend Charlotte Waldrop.

But, the 178-year-old sanctuary still stands. Folks here consider it a blessing.

“It unbelievable, we’re doing something right,” said church member, John Paul.

And it was all right for Rosie, the church cat. She accidentally got locked in the sanctuary after the Good Friday service, but that was a good thing, she normally would have been outside when the tornado hit.

“We call her our miracle cat,” said Reverend Waldrop.

But the folks at All Saints are in need of another miracle, or at least some help, though the church is still standing, the yard is littered with more than a dozen big trees uprooted by the storm, this clean up is too big a task for the small congregation.

“No we can’t we don’t have enough people to do it ourselves so we’re really thankful for the Mormon Church for what they are going to be doing,” said Paul.

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