Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Episcopal property case goes to appeals court

An official with the Anglican District of Virginia says it's sad, but not surprising, that the Episcopal Church and the Diocese of Virginia have appealed a judge's ruling in a case over property rights.

Recently, a judge ruled that the Anglican District of Virginia (ADV), a group of conservative churches that split from the Episcopal Church over its liberal policies, could stay in their church buildings.

Jim Oakes, vice chair of the ADV, says while it is necessary to defend their interests in court, it is also a shame that millions of dollars are being spent on agendas that do not advance the Great Commission.

"We've been victorious in every ruling the trial court issued. We are very confident of our legal positions going forward...[but] this is not a battle we want to be in," he notes. "We had hoped and prayed we could settle it peacefully; we wanted to do so. We tried to negotiate and reach a settlement with the Episcopal Diocese of Virginia, and our efforts have been constantly rebuffed."

Still, Oakes says the conservative churches are continuing to spread the love and message of Christ, even in the midst of the legal trials.

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