Saturday, April 18, 2009

Zimbabwe: Anglicans in 'Power-Sharing' Deal

GOVERNMENT has imposed a "power-sharing" deal on the feuding Anglican Church factions to stop the violent clashes that have rocked the church for nearly a year.

Last week, the co-ministers of Home Affairs Kembo Mohadi and Giles Mutsekwa held a three-hour meeting with Bishops Sebastian Bakare and Nolbert Kunonga (pictured) over what sources claimed was the government's exasperation over the "unchristian" behaviour of the Anglican Church.

The sources said the ministers ordered the bishops to implement a schedule of worship agreement, in the presence of their lawyers, to stop the ugly clashes.

"It's a power-sharing agreement, which the government has imposed on the church," said a source familiar with the latest developments in the church.

The rival Anglican Church factions have clashed several times in Harare following Kunonga's withdrawal from the Church of the Province of Central Africa to form the Province of Zimbabwe on January 12 2008 citing the alleged tolerance of homosexuality by Bakare's group.

Since May last year, when a faction aligned to Kunonga appealed to the Supreme Court against a High Court order compelling that faction to share church properties, the Bakare group had been battling to worship in Anglican Church premises.

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