Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Jackie's impact will be felt today

When players and fans gather at 15 Major League ballparks today, with every uniform on the field bearing the same No. 42 and ceremonies at new Citi Field leading the annual celebration of one of America's true heroes, the message will be said without a word:

All of our lives have been touched by Jackie Robinson.

On the 62nd anniversary of the day he crossed the color barrier in baseball and led millions of others to break through it not only in the sport but across American society, Robinson's legacy lives on in his credo: "A life is not important, except for the impact it has on other lives."

Of course, some lives have been touched more directly than others.

Tasha Byers is the daughter of a single mother who was a sharecropper and one of 19 children. Upon graduation from the University of St. Thomas in Minnesota this spring, she is headed to the London School of Economics to pursue a graduate degree in Comparative Politics, focusing on development and democracy in Latin America.


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