Saturday, April 18, 2009

Only Jesus can fill voids in life

In the Spirit
The Rev. Susan Esco Chandler
Priest-in-charge of St. James Episcopal Church, Amesbury. (Mass.)

At some time in life, each of us faces an emptiness, a void, a frightening feeling of ... well, you fill in the blank.

It happens ...

when you give your heart to someone who doesn't accept the gift

when you learn a sport, practice hard and still don't make the team

when you study and pursue a profession, only to find you hate your work

when you create something beautiful and discover that no one's interested

when you try to resist a temptation but then give in to it again and again ... and again

when you jump to a new job, then lose it to downsizing

when you put money into a home, only to see your equity vanish

when you retire from a long career and wake up with nothing to do

when you lose a spouse to cancer and find yourself all alone in the world.

Too often we pretend that massive voids do not exist in our lives. All of us have heard such things as "believe in yourself and you can do anything." This is dangerous advice. Bad things do happen to good people; many goals are simply fantasies; life rarely rewards us. Indeed, unrealistic expectations may be to blame for the recent rise in the anxiety and depression that many of us are feeling.

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