Thursday, April 16, 2009

A little more from Bishop Iker on the Fort Worth lawsuit

From The Dallas Morning News-

The Episcopal Church filed suit Tuesday in Tarrant County District Court, seeking to regain control of properties held by the break away contingent led by Bishop Jack Iker. Suzanne Gill, who handles communications for Iker, sent the following a short while ago

Dear Friends,

Bishop Iker has sent the following brief message to the diocesan clergy and convention delegates. I think you will find it helpful, too.

As of the time of this message, we have not yet been served. The court filing indicates - and we expect - that the five lay officers of the Corporation will receive papers by certified mail, while Bishop Iker and the Diocese will be served here at our offices by a constable or other qualified person.

Suzanne Gill
Director of Communications
The Episcopal Diocese of Fort Worth


To the clergy and convention delegates,

We are neither surprised nor alarmed by the lawsuit brought against the diocese on Tuesday. Our attorneys are reviewing the allegations and will be advising me on how to respond.

We are confident that we followed the proper legislative process in amending our Constitution and Canons and are prepared to make our case in court if necessary.

Your patience and prayers will be much appreciated as this process unfolds.

A blessed and joyous Eastertide to all of you.

Bishop Iker

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