Monday, April 13, 2009

Supreme Court dismisses suit , St. John’s Anglican congregation moves, changes name

Report from San Diego-

After a lawsuit over legal possession of church property was dismissed by the California Supreme Court, the pastor and congregation of St. John’s Anglican Church vacated the premises of St. John’s Episcopal Church on Iowa Street March 29.

The group has moved their services to Living Waters Christian Fellowship Church on Reche Road and taken on a new name, Christ Church of Fallbrook.

Members of St. John’s Episcopal have now reclaimed the Iowa Street premises.

The California Supreme Court dismissed a petition for review filed by the former members of St. John’s Episcopal Church of Fallbrook and remanded the case with instructions for the Fourth District Court of Appeal to republish the opinion it had previously issued in favor of the Episcopal Diocese of San Diego and the Episcopalians of St. John’s Church.

The lawsuit’s dismissal means that St. John’s Episcopal regains legal possession of not only its church building and property but also the financial records.

The Anglican Church disassociated from the diocese and the Episcopal Church USA because of theological differences, which drew international attention because of similar issues facing the Episcopal Church and worldwide Anglican Communion.

“I’m overjoyed with this result, which will finally allow the Episcopalians of St. John’s to return to their church,” said Bishop James Mathes, the San Diego Episcopal Bishop. “The Episcopal Church will continue its ministry of following Jesus as an inclusive, servant church. All are welcome at St. John’s; there is room enough in God’s house for everyone.”

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