Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Malawi- Church must walk the talk on unity

Church must walk the talk on unity
BY The Daily Times
18:38:09 - 08 June 2009

The consecration of Brighton Malasa as Bishop of the Upper Diocese of Anglican Church is a positive development in as far as recent events in the church are concerned.

Members of the church should now a heave a sign of relief that a new chapter has been open in their church, looking at the not-so-pleasant past that they have gone through.

We recall that not so long ago, some members of the Anglican Church in the country were engaged in running battles and spat venom at one another over who should be consecrated their bishop.

It would be understating facts to claim that the fights were a family matter and therefore only affected the church. However, the bare bone truth is that the fights were a dent on the entire Christian church and it shook the very foundation of the country’s unity.

This is why President Bingu wa Mutharika’s call for unity when he joined the consecrated service of Bishop Malasa in Mangochi had come at such a very right time.

There is much more need for unity in the country now probably than ever before; and as the president rightly noted, it must start within the church itself which has the privilege to position itself at the grassroots level in society.

The call for care, support and love of one another should not just come from the lips of the clergy just as a matter of duty as churchmen, but should be seen to exist within the rank and file of the church.

It is not healthy for men of the pulpit to be engaging in open fights and public outbursts over leadership issues when politicians who themselves have their own leadership problems look up to the church for guidance and inspiration.

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