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Nigeria: The Country Must Have a True Re-Birth -Owadayo

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MATHEW OLUREMI OWADAYO, Bishop of Egba Diocese of the Anglican Church, will be retiring in October this year after turning 70. In this interview with CORRESPONDENT, SEGUN ADELEYE, the cleric speaks authoritatively on key developmental issues in the country and exhorts the citizenry to embrace the true spirit of re-brand of the country. He also speaks on 10 years of uninterrupted democracy in Nigeria.


Would you say our experience in the past eight years of another shot at democracy has justified the nation's investment in June 12, 1993 Presidential elections?

With June 12, God wanted us to learn a lesson from the thing that happened in the history of our nation. It did not just happen; God has a divine purpose for everything. If it was a situation that brought us bitterness in our experience and in the area of politics, in particular, and more so that it involved the head of the nation and people who were vying for leadership positions in the country, then we should think that every citizen of this country should learn from it.

It was an occasion that topped the height of injustice. Somebody was supposed to have won election without any dispute, and it was considered to be one of the fairest elections ever conducted in this country. If it happened that people maneuvered, stage-managed or turned the whole thing upside-down, then we later saw the consequences of our actions corporately and individually.

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