Monday, September 28, 2009

She was a simple French girl who died a century ago. So why are thousands across Britain queuing for a glimpse of Little Flower?

From the Daily Mail-

With 28 venues in a single month, it's a punishing schedule. This week, her fans will be queueing round the block in Newcastle and Leeds before she starts heading south - via a prison - to take central London by storm in mid-October.

It's an itinerary to make Madonna or the Stones look positively idle. And you won't hear any absurd diva-style demands from this travelling star.

There will be no tantrums if her dressing room is not painted a certain shade of mauve or if her vase contains the wrong sort of orchids.

Her limo is nothing more glamorous than a converted Citroen people carrier and her road crew consists of a Falklands veteran and a Somerset undertaker.

Her only requirement is a modest one: she likes to have a couple of clergy with her at all times.
Considering she doesn't charge a bean for her appearances, it's not a particularly onerous demand. And she certainly gets around - as you would if you could somehow find a way of being in five places at once.

This has to be one of the most unusual travelling shows in this country since the Middle Ages. I have certainly never witnessed anything quite like the St Therese of Lisieux tour.

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