Sunday, July 18, 2010

Land disputes still raging on

From Modesto--

What's happened since the San Joaquin Diocese, under the leadership of Bishop John-David Schofield, became the first diocese in the country to leave the Episcopal Church in December 2007?

Four dioceses and more than 600 individual congregations in the United States have left the church over the interpretation of Scripture, including whether Jesus is the only way to salvation and the ordination of gay clergy.

The Episcopal Church has filed lawsuits against all parishes that left, claiming that the properties were set up as Episcopal and therefore belong to that denomination. The departing parishes and dioceses say they are still part of the international church -- the worldwide Anglican Communion, of which the Episcopal Church is a part -- and, as such, should be able to retain their property.

The conflict has escalated internationally.

In May, the Episcopal Church consecrated its second openly homosexual bishop, leading Archbishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams in England to say that the Episcopalians are out of step with most of the Anglican Communion and would lose their voting rights on ecumenical committees and in doctrinal discussions.

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