Monday, October 18, 2010

Defecting bishop brands Church of England vicious and fascist in bitter row over plans to ordain women

From The Daily Mail-

'Vicious' and 'fascist' - just some of the accusations leveled at the Church of England by its own bishop in a bitter row over the Anglican Church's decision to press ahead with plans to ordain women bishops.

The Bishop of Fulham, the Rt Rev John Broadhurst, attacked the Church as he explained his decision to defect to Rome following his resignation on Friday.
As a traditionalist, he has accused the Church of breaking its promises to those opposed to women's ordination and warned that the Pope's inviataiton to disaffected Anglicans to join the Catholic Church would gather momentum with those dismayed by their treatment.

When the ordination of women bishops was first discussed in 1992, the Church announced that there would always be 'an honoured place' in the Church of England for traditionalists who opposed the idea.

But in July, the Church of England voted to move ahead with the introduction of women bishops with no concessions to its opponents.

A final vote will take place in 2012.

Many now feel that their concerns are being ignored and that they are being marginalised by the Church.

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