Sunday, December 5, 2010

Age no bar to those who want to enter ministry

From Richmond-

From the deepest recesses of John West's heart came the beckon. Soft, yet persistent, it called to him throughout his life, first in high school, then college, then later as a husband and father.

Always at the crossroads in his life, it was there. When West needed God the most, God called to him.

But West didn't answer right away.

West was raised in the Episcopal Church, and his faith was always a part of him. He recalls that at 15, he considered becoming a priest. He even had a great-uncle who was an Episcopal priest and he encouraged the same for West. But like many young people, West wanted to make his own way in the world.

He graduated with two degrees from the University of Georgia, one in fine arts, the other in history. He got married and had a son. He set out with dreams of using his skills as an artist or a teacher. But he found himself in sales jobs and eventually working with an entrepreneur who was into everything from insurance to real estate.

The opportunity to be materially wealthy was there. But the stirring inside never ceased. He just silenced it and moved on to the next phase in life, the next opportunity.

It reached a point, though, when he couldn't silence it anymore.

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