Sunday, December 26, 2010

Mission to Haiti still fresh on mind of Glen Ellyn's Holding

From Illinois-

After surviving the 7.0 Haitian earthquake Jan. 12, Mallory Holding was still trying to get a handle on things when she returned home to Glen Ellyn that same week in January.

“It’s all just kind of processing,” Mallory, a 23-year-old Glen Ellyn resident, said in January. “Different parts of the day are better than others. It’s just kind of a process.”

Mallory’s family had not heard from her in the 24 hours following the earthquake. On Jan. 13, she was able to contact her mother, Suzi Holding. The conversation was short, but it assured her mother that Mallory was alive.

“All we really got yesterday was a very brief phone call,” said Suzi in January. “She was able to tell me that she was OK — that she was camped out.”

Mallory was in Haiti as part of the National Episcopalian Church’s Adult Services Corps. She worked specifically in an Episcopalian seminary, teaching English to seminarians and helping to secure funds, among other projects.

During the brief call with Suzi, Mallory told her mom she was with other seminarians. She also told her mother, a priest at St. Mark’s Episcopal Church in Glen Ellyn, to let the church know that another young man in her group was OK.

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