Sunday, June 26, 2011

Episcopal churches combine forces for the summer

From Salem Massachusetts-

Episcopal churches in three communities are merging for the summer in an effort the rectors hope will save money and strengthen bonds between them.

Calvary Episcopal Church in Danvers, Grace Church in Salem and St. Paul's Church in Peabody will take turns hosting combined weekly services for the three congregations. St. Paul's hosted the first joint service Sunday and will continue to host each Sunday until July 10; Calvary will then host through Aug. 7, and Grace will take over and host until Sept. 4.

"It's an experiment, something we're trying, to get us working together," said the Rev. Joyce Caggiano, who was recently installed as rector at St. Paul's after three years as interim rector.

"We're so close together in geography, we hope that by combining resources we can get a lot more done, and it will be less expensive in terms of time and money."

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