Friday, September 16, 2011

Anglicans Back Youths for Top Jobs

From Kenya-

The Anglican Church yesterday unveiled an initiative meant to mentor the youth on leadership roles and forestall their abuse by politicians intent on forming militia groups ahead of the general election.

Bungoma ACK Bishop George Mechumo said the church seeks to equip the youth holistically by addressing the spiritual, educational and social transformation needs.

He explained that his church has lined up a series of meetings "exclusively for the youth to equip them with necessary life skills empowering them to refrain from deviant behaviour but pursue challenges relentlessly as leaders to realise prosperity". The clergyman told the Star at St Crispins Diocesan Headquarters that Kenya is at crossroads. "The devolution is soon taking off yet more than 50 per cent of the youth in the country face serious challenges including unemployment, drug abuse, Hiv Aids, involvement in militia groups and abuse by politicians.

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