Friday, October 21, 2011

Anglicans Launch Scheme to Improve Education Around Commonwealth

From Singapore-

Anglican Alliance has launched a new scheme to help improve education standards around the Commonwealth.

The scheme will support education administrators from around the Anglican Communion in coming to London to learn about the delivery of education services.

The first four education administrators to take part in the scheme are David Agbo from Nigeria, Jacqueline Glasgow-Browne from St Vincent, Joe Takeli from the Solomon Islands, and Seidu Adam from Ghana.

Agbo, Takeli and Adam work for church education services, while Glasgow-Browne liaises with church schools on behalf of government education services.

They will spend eight weeks visiting education services and specialist education institutions in the UK next year and apply what they have learned to their own national contexts.

Their time in the UK will be split between studying local authority education services, workshadowing senior officials, visiting schools and learning from diocesan education services in two Church of England dioceses.

Their stops include Nottingham University, which has a special unit that works on leadership in education and especially on the role of faith schools.

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