Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Bishop declines service for dean

From South Africa-

The Sacred Heart Catholic Cathedral on Tuesday night hosted a memorial service for the suspended Dean of St Alban’s Cathedral, the Very Rev Livingstone Ngewu, after Anglican Bishop Jo Seoka refused permission for it to be held in his cathedral.

Ngewu died last week after a long illness.

An Anglican parish representative said the family had wanted the service in the dean’s cathedral on Tuesday, but his bishop refused, saying he still had authority over Ngewu and that he wanted it held on Thursday.

After recent confrontations between dean and bishop, Ngewu was charged with, among others, undermining the authority of the bishop.

He was suspended from active duty and barred from services at his cathedral.

But his former congregants filled the Catholic cathedral to celebrate the life of the man they said stayed resilient in the face of persecution.

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