Sunday, April 28, 2013

A Savannah gathering to find spiritual common ground

From Savannah-

A group of Savannah clergy and lay people has embarked on a simple, yet ambitious, plan to foster a spirituality in their “religious” beliefs that seeks to embrace people of a variety of faiths.

The concept — an interdenominational approach to spirituality — would focus on common goals for a more satisfying existence. The group envisions stimulating critical thinking about religion and its role in society, a “non-anxious journey” beyond narrow, dogmatic religious belief.

An interfaith community event will be held at 6 p.m. Tuesday at Memorial University Medical Center, in the medical education auditorium in the main building, (across from Georgia Eye Institute). Leaders selected a “neutral,” or non-religious, location to encourage community-wide participation. The 1½ hour session will explore ideas in the development of spirituality, and planners suggest, would be “a model for our community.”

The local group is forming under the working title, “The Gathering,” but is patterned on a larger label, “The Emerging Church.” A planning session was held last month at Asbury Memorial United Methodist Church under the guidance of Asbury minister the Rev. Billy Hester, who has been at the forefront of innovative programming in local religious circles since his return here in 1993. Hester will moderate “The Gathering’s” panel discussion.

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