Saturday, March 21, 2015

Libby Lane: ‘Whatever the Church’s failings, I really think this is where God has put me’

From The Guardian-

Libby Lane didn’t think life as the first female bishop would be easy, but she didn’t expect to be noticed on holiday. She explains how she will change the church from within – and why she can’t endorse gay marriage.

Libby and George Lane both have theology degrees from Oxford, trained to be priests at the same college, and were ordained at the same time. Yet when the couple job-shared a curacy in the early years of their married life, for many congregants Libby was, she recalled cheerfully this week, “never anything other than the curate’s wife”.

Twenty years on, the tables are turned. It is George, the jolly co-ordinating chaplain at Manchester airport, whose identity is now defined by his spouse’s job. “I’m just the husband,” he sighs theatrically when we meet this week, leaning on a cabinet by the back door of the grand Cheshire house that came with Libby’s new job as the bishop of Stockport. Just as she has broken new ground by being the first woman to reach such heights within the Church of England, George is also blazing his own trail. “I’ve been invited to join the Association of Bishops’ Wives,” he says with amusement. “They’re rewriting the handbook for me. They’re even changing the name: it will be the Association of Bishops’ Spouses from now on.”

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