Wednesday, April 15, 2015

How much should a preacher be paid? Put in your 2 cents' worth

From Alabama-

Tax-time always means thinking about how much people get paid and should be paid for their work. And that brings up the perennial question for church board sessions every year: What should ministers make for their work of sermonizing, serving, leading and bedside praying? Should they, in fact, even be paid at all? Should they simply trust that - like the lily of the field and the care-free sparrow - that God will supply their needs?

No they shouldn't, says the Rev. Dr. Tammy Gregory Brown, who, as executive presbyter of the Presbytery of North Alabama is sometimes called upon to help congregations decide what to pay a minister. Ministers should trust that God will supply their needs, of course, but God will supply those needs through the orderly generosity of the congregation and a fair salary package.

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