Monday, April 27, 2015

St. Stephen’s service focuses on jobs not jail

From Massachusetts -

Jobs, not jails. That’s the focus of the Justice Reinvestment Act in Massachusetts and elsewhere. And Sunday, one of the program’s co-founders, Mass. state Rep. Byron Rushing, visited St. Stephen’s Memorial Episcopal Church to talk about that, and other things.

Rushing, the House majority whip, spoke both at Sunday’s service and then again at the Soul Celebration afterward.

While his district includes parts of Boston, Rushing, an Episcopal layman, said that “in our baptism, we as Christians all inherited a constituency.

“That’s a huge group,” he said, “not just those close to us. You and I are familiar with the people in our community, but we must also include the wounded and unwounded as well as the included and the outcast. We must seek Christ in all persons.”

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