Monday, September 12, 2016

IN GOOD FAITH: Washing away the hate

 From Massachusetts-

It started out as another beautiful Saturday morning. My friend Laurie Brock, an Episcopal priest, took the short walk from the parsonage to the front doors of the sanctuary. What she encountered was shocking.

Hateful and graphic graffiti was scrawled across the doors and the sidewalk in front of the church. Now, Mother Laurie, as she’s known to her flock, texted me photos of the graffiti. And I assure you, this wasn’t just your garden variety, colorfully creative 1970s New York City subway graffiti. This was crude, hateful stuff that invoked the political, the satanic, and the, um, anatomical.

So what do you about this? Well, the first thing you do is alert the parish and suddenly power washers appear and chemicals you didn’t even know they sold at Home Depot show up and there’s a whole group of parishioners cleaning and scrubbing and washing away the hate. In several hours it’s all gone, with nary a trace left.

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