Saturday, October 1, 2016

Bishop delivers ecumenical lecture at Episcopal church

From Pittsburgh-

Bishop David Zubik recalled having a Holy Saturday dinner with friends when a bottle of wine arrived at his table, courtesy of the couple across the room. Glancing over, he realized that it was Bishop Dorsey McConnell of the Episcopal Diocese of Pittsburgh and his wife, Betsy.

But he said the meeting was the sign of a much deeper reality than a beautiful friendship. It was a sign of collaborators in the mission of Jesus, working together against difficult conditions to serve the wider Christian community.

“Isn’t this what Pope Francis is calling all of us to at this point in history?” he asked.

Bishop Zubik spoke of ecumenical relationships in the era of Pope Francis during the 19th Annual St. Andrew’s Lecture Sept. 23 at St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church in Pittsburgh’s Highland Park neighborhood.

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