Saturday, February 25, 2017

John Sentamu: Your have my word – female clergy will not be undermined by new Bishop of Sheffield

From Yorkshire-

THE nomination of the Right Reverend Philip North to be Bishop of Sheffield has created quite a stir, but it will not surprise those who have followed the process by which the Church of England agreed to the ordination of women as bishops.

A report in the Guardian yesterday noted that Dr Martyn Percy, the Dean of Christ Church, Oxford, has objected to Bishop North’s nomination because of his opposition, as a traditional catholic Anglican, to the CoE’s decision to embrace women priests and bishops.

These arguments were raised and presented during and before the General Synod debates on this issue in 2014. In supporting the ordination of women as bishops, the Synod did not accept these arguments and favoured a position of mutual flourishing for all in the Church.

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