Saturday, May 6, 2017

Why some religious groups oppose the Republican health bill

From Salt Lake-

She quoted a Catholic nun, Sister Simone Campbell, who has said, "This is not the faithful way forward and must be rejected." And to the Episcopal Church she attributed this line: "Trumpcare falls woefully short of our spiritual calling to care for the least of these, as well as the noble values upon which our great nation was founded."

A spokeswoman for The Episcopal Church said the church did say the Republican plan "falls woefully short of our spiritual calling" in a letter that Rebecca Linder Blachly, the church's director of governmental relations, sent to members of Congress.

The spokeswoman, Neva Rae Fox, also said in an email, "Please know that the Episcopal Church has never used the phrase 'Trumpcare.'" The language in the letter is "this current proposal."

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