Sunday, June 18, 2017

Sticking to Scripture is one way pastors avoid alienating congregations

From Lancaster PA-

Back in March, I interviewed local clergy about the impact our polarized political culture was having on the way they approached preaching to congregations that most likely reflected those divides.

Three months later, the picture has, to all appearances, only grown bleaker.

But as I checked back with a few pastors and reached out to several new ones, I found they hadn’t changed course. While the culture wars outside the sanctuary doors continue to rage, they strive to remain focused on the Scriptures that, they say, continue to be both challenging and relevant.

Reached the day before her installation as rector of St. Thomas Episcopal Church, the Rev. Jennifer Mattson said she is still charting the same course as in the early spring, “given that this is a new call for me, and I’m still getting to know my congregation. I’m still trying to faithfully interpret the Gospel.”

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