Saturday, December 30, 2017

Father Palacious Issues Apology For Women's Dress Comments

From The Bahamas-

ANGLICAN Archdeacon James Palacious issued an apology on Friday for his recent statements about the impact of how women dress, admitting his words "could very well be seen as victim blaming".

In a Facebook post about Junkanoo tips last week, the Royal Bahamas Police Force advised that “if you appropriately dress, it takes away the chance of being groped or touched in an inappropriate manner.”

The advisory proved controversial. 

In comments published Friday, Father Palacious defended the police force's decision to exhort people how to dress to ward off unwanted attention but also emphasised that women have a right to dress how they please without being subjected to such attention or groping.

Following criticism of his comments, Father Palacious released a statement to The Tribune on Friday.

The statement read: "I write this statement further to my two interviews with the Guardian and the Tribune on Thursday past.

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