Friday, April 20, 2018

A life in Lothian: Rector at St. James retires after 45 years

From Maryland-

On Sunday historic St. James’ Parish says goodbye to its rector of nearly half a century, the Rev. William H.C. Ticknor.

But as he insists most know him as Bill.

He officially retires on April 29, but the church community, which has blossomed in all respects under his wing, is holding a retirement reception after services this Sunday.

Fresh out of divinity school Ticknor accepted his first position as rector of St. James’ Parish at age 26, celebrating his first service on Easter Day, April 22, 1973.

And next Sunday he turns 72 which kicks in mandatory retirement. If not for that he would stay on.

It was perhaps a fitting appointment for the Episcopal parish founded in 1692, . Ticknor is a direct descendant of the church’s seventh rector Thomas John Claggett, who resigned from St. James’ in 1792 to be ordained the first Episcopal bishop ordained on American soil.

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