Monday, April 23, 2018

‘A Matter of Grave Consequence’

From The Living Church-

Seven responses from other Anglican provinces express a consensus that changing the Church’s historic doctrine of marriage is a serious matter.

The letters appear on General Convention’s website. They came in response to an inquiry by the Rev. Jordan Hylden, an appointed member of General Convention’s Task Force on the Study of Marriage and an associate editor of The Living Church.

Excerpts follow.

Archbishop Philip L. Freier
Anglican Church of Australia

There is little question that changing the doctrine of marriage is a matter of grave consequence, indeed a church-dividing matter.

… [After citing the Anglican church’s resolution expressing regrets the Scottish Episcopal Church had authorized same-sex marriage rites]: The proper response to changing community standards in particular contexts concerning marriage is, on this view, wrongly handled at a doctrinal level if it involves a redefinition of the doctrine of marriage but rightly developed with pastoral and liturgical resources.

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