Saturday, May 19, 2018

If you liked the Royal Wedding sermon on Saturday, go to church on Sunday

From Fox News-

It seems like the whole planet tuned in to watch the royal wedding. It was a beautiful occasion on a beautiful day, and Harry and Meghan looked just the part. Young and in love. The wedding had it all: fascinators, celebrities, pomp, and great music.

Then there was the sermon. Many people are saying the preacher stole the show. I knew it was going to be a great sermon, and I knew Bishop Michael Curry, head of the Episcopal Church in the USA, would preach about love.

If you haven’t watched the sermon, do it now. It’s the best thirteen minutes you’ll spend all day.

The reactions among media and on Twitter were amazing. One British paper said Bishop Curry is a “break-out star.” Buzzfeed posted the full text of the sermon. When has Buzzfeed ever posted a sermon?! TV network commentators were gobsmacked.

Of course, Bishop Curry, as amazing as he is, isn’t the reason people found the sermon moving. It was not the preacher, but the subject that moved people’s hearts. We’re all yearning to know that we are loved, that our lives have purpose, and that the world can be transformed. That’s the power of love, and that’s exactly what Bishop Curry spoke about.

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