Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Parishioners struggle to save historic Episicopal church in St. Mary's County

From Maryland-

All Saints Episcopal Church has stood, in some form, in Avenue for the last 376 years. The unassuming building, nestled off Oakley Road, has seen better days — termites, unchecked over the years, have compromised the integrity of the building, where a makeshift ramp leads to a neglected structure of rotting wood.

Still, the ghost of the church’s glory days can be seen in the stained glass windows, and as local builder Don Cropp said, it stands unique among other county churches for its all-wood structure, the “only old frame structure” amid mostly brick buildings, he said.

A small but devoted group of parishioners is rallying to save the current church building, built in the 1840s. In past decades, the congregation has made similar petitions to the community to restore parts of the church. In 2002, the church successfully raised $25,000 to cosmetically restore the interior after using funds that had been saved for years to address the old paint on the exterior.

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