Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Diocesan convention vote puts Connecticut congregation under direct authority of bishop

From ENS-

On Oct. 26, the highest governing body of the Episcopal Church in Connecticut (ECCT) — its Annual Convention — changed the internal governance of St. Paul’s Episcopal Church in Darien putting the church directly under the authority of the Rt. Rev. Ian T. Douglas, Bishop diocesan.  This action was taken as a result of the refusal of its elected lay leaders to participate in reconciliation efforts with its rector, the Rev. George Kovoor.

The action changed St. Paul’s status in ECCT from a “Parish” to a “Worshiping Community,” which puts it now under the exclusive supervision, direction, and control of Bishop Douglas. While the change in status does not affect the worship life or the property of St. Paul’s, the change ended the authority of the previous lay leaders of the church, the Vestry and Wardens, whose job it had been to oversee the property and business affairs of St. Paul’s.

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