Friday, October 19, 2018

Sydney Anglican bid to ban gay 'advocacy' on church property condemned

From Australia-

Christian gay rights advocates say a new policy from the Sydney Anglican diocese that will ban same-sex weddings in churches and school halls and clamp down on the freedom of priests to support LGBTI rights goes against “core teachings” of the Bible.

According to the Sydney Morning Herald, a ban on the promotion of homosexuality on church property is likely to be approved at a meeting next week.

The new measures would potentially silence priests who advocate for LGBTI acceptance, and outlaw LGBTI support groups in Anglican schools.

The text of the policy would confirm that church-owned buildings can only be used for acts that “conform to the doctrines, tenets and beliefs of the diocese”. It specifically picks out “advocacy for transgender ideology (e.g: gender-fluidity)” and “advocacy for expressions of human sexuality contrary to our doctrine of marriage” to be banned.

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