Tuesday, November 6, 2018

'We are sorry': Anglican school backtracks from letter on gay teachers and students

From Australia-

A prominent Sydney Anglican school has apologised for signing a controversial letter calling on the Morrison government to maintain laws allowing schools to discriminate against gay teachers and pupils, and blamed church leaders for "unintended hurt and division" in the school community.

Faced with a backlash, the head of Barker College, Phillip Heath, pledged his support for removing exemptions to anti-discrimination laws that currently let religious schools discriminate against LGBTI staff and students.

Mr Heath earlier told the Fairfax Media he was "dismayed" by the response to the letter, which was signed by 34 Anglican principals and sent to all federal MPs including Prime Minister Scott Morrison.

On Tuesday, the north shore school went further and apologised to parents, students and alumni in two dispatches to the school community. Barker leaders also appeared to blame the Sydney Anglican diocese for a poorly-timed and poorly-worded communique.

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