Monday, December 3, 2018

Buhari And Politicization Of Religious Majorities in Nigeria

From Nigeria-

In a piece that was published in The Church Times, President Buhari urged Nigerians not to politicize religion, warning Christians and Muslims against those who would seek to divide them for political reasons. But the question is: Did Buhari take a critical look at his form of politicking before making this statement? In this piece, I show some of the ways that Buhari’s appeal contradicted his own politics.

First, let us look at the timing of this piece. The presidential election is less than three months away. And President Buhari’s name will be on the ballot. He is seeking re-election in a contest, which some analysts have said he would lose. The projected defeat is mainly due to the alleged religiously divisive politics that Buhari had played since he became the president. Buhari is very unpopular in the Christian communities where he’s seen as a religious bigot. His handling of the killings and attacks by Fulani herdsmen has reinforced this impression.

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