Friday, February 8, 2019

Archbishop spent $473,000 in child abuse inquiry legal fees without proper authorisation

From Australia-

The former Anglican archbishop Roger Herft spent almost half a million dollars for his legal representation before the child sexual abuse royal commission without proper authorisation from the diocese of Perth, which has not asked him to reimburse the money.

Of the $473,707 excluding GST spent by the diocese on Herft’s legal fees, $146,460 went to the law firm owned by Herft’s then deputy chancellor. The deputy chancellor is an honorary, unpaid position, usually held by a senior barrister or judge, who advises the archbishop on legal matters. The payments are detailed in the meeting minutes of the diocese’s annual synod in 2017.

The minutes reveal the money spent representing Herft, one of the most senior figures within the Anglican church in Australia, was not authorised through usual church processes. It came from the diocese’s professional standards budget, but without a written resolution authorised by the diocesan council, which expenditure from this budget requires.

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