Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Bishop Kagunda agrees to settle 'gay clergy' dispute

From Kenya-

Anglican Church Mt Kenya West Diocese Bishop Joseph Kagunda is expected to mobilise worshipers to accept back three clerics he had attempted to suspend on allegations of engaging in homosexuality.

Bishop Kagunda has also agreed to accompany the clerics; Archdeacon John Gachau, Reverend James Maigua and Reverend Paul Warui to their newly posted parishes either in person or through parish councils.

This is according to an agreement filed at the High Court in Nyeri by a mediator, Mr Joakim Oundo, following a prolonged legal battle.

However, the two parties differed on the amount of money the church should pay the priests as facilitation fee as they re-embark on their ministerial duties.

The church proposed to offer each of the priests an equivalent of a three-month-salary, while they demanded an amount equal to three years’ pay, the agreement indicates.

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